Decorum with Disregard

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For the third time that week, Richard found himself leaning against his car, hands in his pockets, as he waited for Belle. Although it always marked the beginning of an enjoyable day, the scene was becoming much too familiar for Richard’s tastes.

He’d arrive at least ten minutes earlier than the time they’d agreed upon, eat an energy bar, then get out of his Toyota, assume a relaxed pose (usually leaning against the economical thing), and wait for Belle to meet him. Once in the car, Belle would usually dictate the outing, being more familiar with the area. They’d spend the day together, simply enjoying each other’s company (or working on Belle’s silly “lessons” to make him “good”).

But they were never dates, and Richard liked it that way. While the concept wasn’t easy for him to comprehend, at first, it was simple. He had quickly grown to enjoy the outings he shared with Belle, as well as her friendship. He liked her a great deal, despite the frustration she caused him.

The only differences, today, were that Richard had his black Jag shipped from storage in New York, for the sole purpose of showing off (to the town, of course), and he’d had a…gift shipped over from London.

He hoped she’d like it.

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