Decorum with Disregard

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She’d kicked him out. His own baby sister had kicked him out, telling him that he was “distracting the professionals,” and, “being a child about the whole thing.”

Richard huffed, crossing his arms as he sat in the ER waiting room. He’d only been trying to help; it wasn’t as though it was his fault Evelleyn had tripped five steps from the bottom of a staircase. The nurse had said it was probably a sprained or broken ankle, but it would be a while until they could get her in to get an x-ray.

He supposed, now that he had little else to do but think, that maybe he had been a little…rude when he’d…requested that they get her taken care of…sooner than later.

Alright, so he’d demanded that the staff get Evie help immediately, and for that, his sister ordered him, in her most authoritative voice, to go wait elsewhere, so that the hospital staff could do their jobs. He was impressed by the firmness in her voice, but it didn’t make Richard any less reluctant to leave his injured sibling’s side.

So there he was, a grown man, pouting in a hospital waiting room, intentionally sliding further and further down in his chair. Certainly there were worse indignities, but Richard couldn’t think of any.

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